About Us

History of the National School Plant Management Association (NSPMA)

Before there was a National School Plant Management Association (NSPMA) many Southern States had formed a Southern School Plant Management Association (SSPMA) to meet the needs of facility professionals in K-12 public schools. The SSPMA conducted an annual conference that began to draw attendees from States other than “Southern States” which made the SSPMA leadership at that time realize there was a need to provide services for folks from all over the Country. In 1995 the switch was made from “Southern” to “National” and several Northern States began to get involved. Since the changeover we have had Presidents, Officers and Board Members from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. The westward move was on and States like Washington, Minnesota, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and others joined and the association off and running. Twenty-eight States were in attendance at the 2016 conference and our numbers of participants and vendors continue to grow.

Each of our member States conducts annual conferences and several workshops and seminars. The NSPMA has become a truly National Association. The purpose of the Association is to provide leadership and collaboration for school plants and facility managers across the country that have an influence on public school k-12 education. The association has a full executive board of directors, which also includes several board members at large. The entire board consists of 19 members, but several are ex-officio and they do not have voting right. There is strong representation across the country.
Tony Sloan from Missouri was the last SSPMA President and Jim Vicar from South Carolina was the first NSPMA President. Most of the SSPMA leadership has retired or moved on but a few of the past leaders remain with the NSPMA, most in an advisory role. The States that were involved in the SSPMA continue to be active today and the new States have gotten on board and become very active.

As is the case with a flourishing tree, the health of its branches is dependent on the strength of its roots. The NSPMA is rooted in the South but its ever broadening State representation is evidence of its healthy growth.

Mission & Vision Statement

Excellence in Education through Professional Facility Management.


Provide and direct the forum for stakeholders responsible for the educational environment

Provide professional development.

Promote leadership to the profession through the exchange of data information ideas and ideals.

Promote research and establish a national system for the dissemination of its findings

Lead policy-makers to improve the educational environment for all.Follow the above objectives in a non-sectarian, nonpartisan and non-discriminatory mann