What’s In It for YOUR Organization

Annual Convention

The annual NSPMA Convention provides outstanding learning and networking opportunities to help members gain new skills and discover new products and processes to help increase the performance and efficiency of our departments.

NSPMA conference workshops provide excellent opportunities for professional development. At recent annual conferences we have hosted such nationally acclaimed presenters as Dr. Michael Berry, Lou Tice, Dr. Willard R. Daggett, and Mary Jo Paloranta, just to name a few….


NSPMA provides its members numerous resources for problem solving through association with an organization that specializes in educational facility management, and whose members have a vast amount of pertinent knowledge and experience.

Through involvement with the organization and attendance at the annual convention, members develop lasting relationships with other professional colleagues. NSPMA provides an outstanding opportunity to network with your peers and to meet other facilities professionals from across the nation to discuss problems and solutions to current maintenance and facilities issues. The amount of knowledge that is shared between members is fantastic and these networking opportunities don’t end after the conference. They provide you with a nationwide network resource all year long.

NSPMA provides information, workshops, and training opportunities to help members become better facilities administrators and schools become better learning places for all students.

Staying “Up-to-Date”

NSPMA provides the opportunity to view state of the art equipment, meet vendors, and see new products and services.

At the annual conference, hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers from companies both small and large are available to present solutions to school facilities administrators. Vendor-sponsored workshops and demonstrations provide a great opportunity to learn what is new in the marketplace.


NSPMA has published the National Facilities Journal, a quarterly newsletter that focuses on timely maintenance issues, changing regulatory requirements, and upcoming meetings and events. The new format will be an electronic newsletter on a quarterly basis.

Membership Access Website

NSPMA’s website features services and information providing members with yet another networking tool. Member’s only area an excellent way to share information, job listings, photos and seek assistance on any current subject or problem in our forum.Quickly and without cost!


Strength in Numbers – By joining ranks as NSPMA Members, and with the affiliation of member state organizations, NSPMA represents a body of major significance in the field of school facility maintenance, operation, and design. Recognition of our organization by its peers is growing rapidly and our ability to be a valuable resource and influence grows steadily as well.